How To Plan For International Travel

The world is an ever expanding global village and one of the best ways to experience an expanded view of the world is by taking an international travel vacation. When traveling aboard there are many things to consider. First and foremost is having proper documentation such as a valid passport. Here is a listing of […]

Wardrobe Fundamentals For Men Ties

Picking the right tie for the occasion is definitely important in a man’s life. There are a number of ties to pick from which made be right for specific outings or destinations. If you are unsure of what to pick, here’s a small guide to help in the process. First of all, how many ties […]

How To Select Outerwear

Tips for Choosing Your Outerwear Looks Outerwear is an important part of one’s wardrobe because during cooler months it is the only thing most people will be seen in when out on the streets. Therefore, it is important that women choose the right kind of outwear they need for their everyday lives. There are many […]

Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling Abroad

Staying healthy while traveling abroad is very important but is commonly overlooked. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of the trip that health is not the main focus. Although this is common, taking measures to stay healthy should be part of the trip planning process. There are so many measures […]

Tuxedo Fit Tips

For most men, even those who are using to wearing suits, fitting into a tuxedo is something new and a bit unusual. While the fit is going to be similar to that of a suit, there are a few different variations that need to be known. That way, the man is not only able to […]

How To Buy And Fit A Suit

Buying a custom suit can be a pricey investment, so you want to make sure you are purchasing one that fits properly. Finding a good tailor that can fit your suit properly to your body is very important. There are several other factors to look for when purchasing a suit as well. The first thing […]

Top Bachelor Party Destinations

You’ve found the right girl and popped the big question. You have visited all the wedding venues and got your wedding kit together and countdown the big day is fast approaching. Now it is time to have one last outing a single man, so before the wedding vows are exchanged one last dude party must […]

How To Tie A Tie

There are so many men, as well as women, who wear ties for special occasions or for the purpose of their jobs dress coat policy. After all, most people are willing listen to someone who is dressed well and looks professional. However, knowing how to actually tie a tie is crucial to your appearance. So […]

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